Kid Nation Begins Wednesday.

I’ll be writing about Kid Nation as I watch it this fall.

There has been a ton of controversy over this CBS show. I am kind of interested although as with all reality shows besides Big Brother, I have some problems with it since the producers have the entire show ‘in the can’ before the first episode airs.

I’ll have many more thoughts soonly on this show. For now here are the basics.

Kid Nation,” will feature 40 kids, ages 8-15, who have 40 days to create a new town – over which they’ll govern without any adult supervision.

The show is set in a ghost town, Bonanza City, N.M., without any amenities or grown ups. They cook their own meals, empty their own latrine and even run their own businesses. During the course of the show, they’re confronted with typical kid problems – homesickness, rule-breaking, etc. – with any kid allowed to leave at any time for any reason. They will also create their own government, complete with a town council. Unlike other reality shows, though, no kids will be “voted off” the show each week. At the end of each episode, the kids will gather at the town hall to discuss issues facing Bonanza City.

Link: Official CBS Site.

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