Survivor 15 Preview

Tonight I watched TV Guides Survivor China preview and here are some highlights.

16 castaways will participate in a season that revolves around war.

Survivor China takes place ‘inland’ as opposed to on the ocean.  M.

The area the show takes place is called “The lake of 1000 islands.”

There is no exile island this season and only 16 contestants, however the hidden immunity idol stays in the game.

Mark Burnett says that the winning team in a competition gets to ‘kidnap’ a player from the other time and that player brings a clue to the location of the hidden idol.

Some the of the contestants are introduced.

Dave seems to be a very outgoing person, host Jeff Probst says he is someone that might very easily get on others nerves and he will have to be careful.

Sharia feels the fact that she works with children will help he deal with her fellow  survivor cast members.  Jeff feels she may go home early.

Amanda was “Miss Montana 2005” and tried out for the last season of Survivor as well.   She feels her pageant experience will help her.  She hates girls that try to get by on their looks.  Jeff thinks she may go far.

Jean-Robert is a pro poker player, he hasn’t decided how he will present himself to his fellow cast members.  He plans on laying back to start.  Jeff doesn’t think Jeff will last to the latter parts of the game.

Chicken looks to be the ‘character’ of the show.  He had never been out of Virginia before appearing on Survivor.  At 47 he is the oldest of this cast.

Mike aka “Frosty” is the youngest, and being 20 he is the youngest ever.  He thinks that he will not be see as a threat because he is so young.  Jeff thinks if he lasts to the individual immunity portion he may last a long time.

Leslie, a 38 year old mom has been applying to Survivor since season 3. Jess thinks she won’t be forst out.

Todd, 22 and a flight attendant is a ‘superfan.’  He is also gay and a Mormon.  Jeff thinks Todd knows how to let others take over when needed.

Jeff shows off the tribal council chamber.  He says it was one of the biggest ‘builds’ they have done.  It is the tallest structure in the area and thus is set up with a lighting rod.   After the series is finished taping the structure will be torn down.

The show psychologist, Dr. Liza, talks about the cast.  She explains how detailed the process on selecting the cast members is and Jeff explains they she is the first one to meet the cast members when they are voted out.

Courtney is a petite 26 year old that Jeff feels may end up being a star on the show if her mouth doesn’t get her voted out too early.

Erik is a 26 year old from Nashville.  Labeled a ‘romantic’ by  Jeff, you can tell the ladies will be swooning over him and I am sure there are great possibilities for him to be involved in a ‘showmance.’

Jaime is 22 years old and says she is kind of sheltered.  Jeff is not sure she will be able to handle the life on Survivor, Jamie says she is very good at flirting.

Aaron is 32 years old and a surfing instructor.  Jeff says he stays out of people’s faces and he may be a threat if he makes it to the individual immunity competitions.

Next up is Peih-Gee, a 29 year old from California.  She has danced in videos by Madonna and Janet Jackson.  Jeff says she is not going to be anyone’s friend, that she is ‘toxic’ and caustic.’  He doesn’t think she will be there at the end.

After a commercial break we get to catch up with some former cast members.

Tom Westman, the winner of Survivor Palau is now selling life insurance for Hartford after retiring from firefighting.  He still keeps in contact with former cast members from his season.

Danni Boatwright who won Survivor Guatemala is getting married to a Kansas City Chief football player and expecting a baby.  She will not be coming back to play Survivor again if there is another all-star.

Aras, the winner of Survivor Panama Exile Island, has concentrated on Yoga, both studying and teaching.  He says his dating hasn’t changed since Survivor, still ‘dysfunctional.’

Yul Kwon, Survivor Cook Island winner is currently working with charities and CNN.

The last three cast members are then introduced.

Ashley, 28 used to wrestle in the WWE.  She thinks she will have a hard time blending into the background.  Jeff says, “She’s all that and a bag of chips.”

Denise “The Lunch Lady” is up next.  Jeff notes that she has a ‘mullet’ and thinks she will be made fun of the first few weeks but if she last she will gain a lot of fans.

The last contestant is James, a 30 year old gravedigger.  Jeff says he is the most in shape contestant ever on Survivor.  James claims he doesn’t work out that is is just natural.  Jeff thinks he will do very well, that he will be a quiet leader.  James is hoping for a romance on the show.  He seems to be interested in Ashley, Courtney and  Peih-Gee.

The first challange of Survivor China is shown.   The name I believe is ‘Dragon Head’ and in it the survivors have to navigate a maze and a bridge while carrying a massive head and tail of a dragon (one per team).  At one point the “Head” breaks away and lowers some bridges before returning to free the rest of the dragon.

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