Kid Nation – Will It Be Worth The Watch?

There has been a lot of buzz about Kid Nation which premieres on CBS at 8pm Wednesday.

I will be watching, I have a feeling it will be an interesting show for at least a couple of episodes. I’m not sure if I will let my kids watch it (Ages 8-14) even though CBS is promoting it as a show for the whole family.

Of course comparisons have been made to the famous William Golding novel, “Lord of the Flies,” in which a group of kids end up stranded on an island and have to fend for themselves. No need to worry about someone getting smashed over the head with a rock however as there were more adults than kids on the set, even if they all were hiding off camera.

I suspect that the show will have a lot of funny moments. kids doing jobs they never had, burnt toast, undercooked food, cleaning bathrooms. milking cows? In the preview I saw there was also the ‘drama’ of a town meeting where the voices were raised but it appears no punches were thrown.

The real question is, can this keep the viewers interest for the entire season? I’m just not sure.

Another thing that will be interesting to see is how these kids will be treated in the “real world” once they have been on television a few weeks. I am sure there will be a villain or two, will they find themselves ostracized in their home towns?

I’ll share my thoughts on the first episode later this week. I hope the show lives up to the hype. I need a new spin on the reality theme.

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