Dancing with the Stars and Biggest Loser

Here are two more shows that kind of slipped my mind.  I think Biggest Loser is into its third week or so and Dancing started last week.  I’m only half way through last weeks Dancing and need to get a season pass set on my Tivo for Biggest loser.

I did see that the original female trainer was back on Biggest Loser -  I wondered why she wasn’t there last season – when I find out I’ll let you know.  Yeah, I am very uninformed when it comes to most reality shows other than Big Brother.

Dancing with the Stars seems really heavy on the not so well known ‘celebrities’ – I mean I am sure a lot of America is familiar with the ‘Cheetah Girls’ but are they that popular in general or just for a very specific part of the population?  Then again I guess some would say the same about Mark Cuban or anyone else on the show.  I better catch up cause I don’t even know who was voted out last week!

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