Friday – Hayden HoH – Nomination Day

Today : Britney and Lane nominated.  Hayden won HoH last night.  It doesn’t really matter and the only person voting is the one not nominated and that will be the POV winner unless Hayden wins it.

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10:40pm Quiet since nominations – Lane and Hayden showering, Enzo listening to music.  POV tomorrow – all will compete.  Britney wins it and Enzo probably goes home.  Lane is probably safe no matter what.  Hayden wins it and he probably won’t change the votes and Britney goes home.  Lane wins it and he is in a pickle.

8:50pm Turns out Britney saw the studio medic today after the coin game – she cut her finger and was commenting on it during the game -  production decided to have the medic check it out so most likely Britney met her in the DR.

7:15pm Britney and Lane are nominated as expected.  Again – doesn’t make a difference – the power is the POV winner this week.  In the picture of the memory wall below you can see the keys below Enzo and Hayden’s pictures which means Lane’s and Britney’s are missing and they are nominated.

6pm Nominations are underway.

4:30pm Britney found Enzo’s coin and then found Lanes so she won the $10k.  A few more pics from the ‘game.’

2:45pm Ok – what is going on is this – apparently they all (including hayden) hid one coin each in the kitchen area.  The person that hid theirs the best wins $10k. Enzo found Haydens so he is eliminated and can’t search.   This wasn’t a pandora’s box – seems to be a luxury competition / game of a sort.

I am guessing Enzo’s coing may be up here since he looked and didn’t find anything.

2:15pm Whatever they need to find – it is located in or under the recycling bins – thats where the camera has been zooming to.

2pm The feeds return to Britney, Enzo and Lane looking all over the kitchen and living room for something – we aren’t even sure what.  I assume Hayden opened a pandora’s box and he can’t come out until they find what they are looking for.

12:40pm: The feeds are on trivia as something must be going on in the house – perhaps a luxury competition or (ugghh) another Pandora’s box.

12pm The HGs now have the smallest table to sit at.    Currently Lane and Enzo hanging out @ the small table and Hayden listening to music in the HoH room.

Earlier Britney and Enzo at the small table.

9am All Hgs sleeping.  Enzo and Hayden slept in the HoH room.

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