Tuesday – Big Brother 12 Ends Tomorrow

Today : On Wednesday Hayden and Lane will compete in Part 3 of the final HoH competition.  Until then they wait – Enzo has slowly been working to convince both guys that they should each take him to the final two.  Today is really his last chance.  Hayden seems to feel that Enzo may have convinced Lane – he was quite nervous yesterday.

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9:10pm The guys are climbing in bed.  They’ll sit up and chat for a while but I really didn’t see any game chat today.  I’d say if Lane wins he might take Enzo – if Hayden wins I think he’ll still take Lane.  Just a guess on my part though.

Here are some random shots from the last few hours.

6pm After eating their pizza they have settled down to play some more blackjack – its been the only card game I have seen them play.

4:23pm The guys were on an outside lockdown for around 2 1/2 hours – they got back in the house just before 4pm.   Before the lockdown they apparently were told to move all their personal belongings out of the ‘jumanji’ bedroom and in to the ‘taj’ bedroom – when they got back in the felt like things had been moved around in that room a bit (maintenance perhaps?).  So far today I don’t think there really has been any came talk to speak of.

12:44pm HGs are up – and back in bed.  They did spend some time picking out clothes and starting to pack.  But now they are all in bed with the lights on.

8:40am: Sleeping away the morning – as usual.  I labelled this picture in case you were curious as to who was sleeping where.  Did you ever check out the map of the Big Brother house I created during BB6 (thats when they started using this house) – I update it each season – the current version is here: Big Brother House Map

Late Night in the BB House: The guys were actually in bed before midnight but they were talking in the dark.  Around 2:30am or so Hayden and Enzo got up and cooked eggs.  They both seem much more nervous about Wednesday’s show than Lane.  Maybe Lane feels safe win or lose – hard to tell.

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