Allison Grodner Gives Us A Little More Information.

I just finished listening to Allison Grodner talk with the folks at and while some things were cleared up – other things were made a bit more murky.

  • Allison implies that the couples shown on the CBS site were put up by CBS and there may be others that could come in. She would NOT confirm the number of couples entering the house.
  • The two HoH rumor is wrong – there is just one – there were two different designs.
  • Asked who some standout HGs might be, she mentions Adam, Shelly, and Keith.
  • She says there are two twists in a way and the game will start quite differently from previous years. One twist is the reveal of the Duo’s and the other she wouldn’t reveal.
  • The Have Have Not Room will indeed be last season’s “Sunset” room (The one Brenchal hung out in most of the season).
  • Bikes will be locked down when the HGs get in there.

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