Big Brother Day 13, Who Will Be Unlucky Today? Live Eviction Tonight!

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Currently: Jordan HoH – Danielle and Porsche have golden keys.

9:30pm Backyard is open.  Lots of confusion among the Newbies as to who voted for Keith.  Dominic doesn’t trust Adam and Adam doesn’t trust Dominic – I think most think Kalia voted for Keith to go.  Shelly seems to be the one that NO ONE suspects.  She has spent most of the evening going from person to person talking to each and trying to calm them.  She is very good at this and the newbies are totally clueless.

7:24pm The feeds are back – there is some fallout so far – mostly Rachel taking Cassi to task for voting to evict Porsche – Rachel is quite full of herself of course – knowing she is safe this week.

Jordan is trying to be a peacemaker – talking to Cassi and trying to smooth things over.

7:04pm Feeds should be back soon.

6:51pm Keith voted out 6-4 – Kalia and Shelly voted with the vets.  Jordan wins HoH – I’d guess Cassie, Dominic or Adam will go home next week.

6:15pm Show is on – they are making it look like the vote will be close.

5:30pm Trivia for the last two hours – Live Eviction Show in 30 minutes.  I will be tweeting as I watch – you can follow me at @BBGossip on Twitter.

2:22pm Everyone still getting ready.  No game talk.

1:44pm Feeds came back and most are starting to get ready for the show.

1:12pm Feeds go to trivia – may stay off until after tonight’s live show although sometimes they come back on for a brief time.  This might be the last images of Keith in the house on the feeds:

1:10pm Lockdown over.

12:15pm HGs have been in and out of the HoH for lockdown a couple of times – currently in.  Not much time to game talk since they are all locked down together.

8:30am Shelly is the only one up.  She practiced the gold game for about 30 minutes this morning and then they outside was locked down around 7:30ish.  Everyone else alseep.

Late night:  I arose to find Danielle, Lawon and Dominic still up chatting.  Danielle is in a really good position – getting to be social without any worries about being nominated.  She is also very good at getting information from people without giving a whole lot back.  The trio went off to bed just before 5am.

Other than that..  lots of talk about votes and lies being told.  Keith never really made a big move to talk to the vets to try to be saved – and Kalia has confirmed to Danielle that she will be voting out Keith.  I don’t think she is lying but even if she is Shelly and Adam both also are likely to vote out Keith and the Vets only need one of the three to do it.

Back on Danielle, she seems to be grooming Dominic as a side alliance – or at least as someone she can control once the newbies realize it is a free for all.   She has told some of the vets she wants him to stay if Adam and Dominic are nominated.  We’ll see how that goes if it ever happens as Jeff might prefer for Adam to stay than the guy that openly said he would come after the Vets.

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