Tuesday, Two Days Until The First Endurance Competition?

Today: Time for Dominic to pull out all the stops to try to save himself.  Expect him to try anything today and tonight as Big Brother gets the last bit of video for Thursday’s show today.

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Currently: Rachel HoH. Dominic and Adam Nominated. Brendon didn’t use the POV. Daniele, Porsche and Shelly have gold keys. Rachel on slop until Saturday but can have food & drink from her basket.

8:25pm Kalia and Shelly having a talk outside.  They both admit they were the oddball votes for Keith.  Kalia says now she trusts Shelly.  Who knows how far this trust will really go.

8:15pm HGs preparing to eat steak and potatoes and they also have been given Six beers and Two bottles of wine – Big Brother After Dakr starts at 9pm BB Time.

8:00pm Things were pretty quiet game wise the last few hours.  Dominic talked to Daniele around 6:45pm on feeds 1 & 2 and told her she was ok – that he didn’t tell the vets anything they didn’t already know (but they knew a lot more than Daniele suspects).  Daniele told him she felt bad – but at the same time didn’t hug him when he asked for one – as was pointed out to me – Daniele shows her emotions a bit differently than what I would call a typical way.

4:30pm While Dominic continues to talk in the HoH room.  Kalia was crying to Lawon in the Have Not bedroom that she realizes the vets are not having her as a part of their alliance.  Lawon asked her if she voted for Keith to be evicted and she admits that she did.

4pm Dominic up in the HoH talking to Jeff and Brendon (and Rachel came in) – I think this is a last ditch effort to save himself but the discussion seems to me to be more of a case of Jeff telling him why he is going home.  Jeff’s basic position is that Dominic didn’t come to Jeff with the plan that Daniele was throwing out but instead decided to go along with it – so they can’t trust him now and thats why he is going home.

2pm Daniele is still not happy – but also not doing much about the situation.  She has talked to Dominic and she says pretty much that the other HGs are acting like they think it has been completely Dominic plotting to put up Jeff – but she knows they are just telling her that and they don’t believe her.  I guess Dominic thinks that if he makes Shelly look bad it will somehow get him in good with Brendon and Rachel so he might tell them that she was one of the votes for Keith – but they know that so I don’t see what it will really accomplish.  Plain and simple Dominic is pretty sure he is going and Daniele might very well go next if she doesn’t win HoH.

10:45am Most HGs now up – Shelly apparently decided to wash ALL the pillow cases in the house.  Brendon filled Shelly in on a lot of the late night conversation the vets had with Daniele.

9:25pm Same as earlier!  Snooze time for the HGs!

8:30am Shelly is up and cleaning – I think it keeps her sane.  No one else awake.

6:50am Everyone is sleeping – Dominic, Lawon and Daniele went to bed about an hour ago.  Most likely Shelly will be up in two hours or so.  A typical day in the house when you still have 11 house guests!

5am Dominic, Lawon and Daniele are up and currently discussing Keith and his demise.  Dominic feels like he is going on Thursday – but he hasn’t completely quit – he and Daniele seem to be trying to make Shelly look bad as a way to ‘save’ him, revealing she was a vote to evict Keith and talking about how she ‘spies’ on people (which she does do).  How that is going to get people to vote for Adam to be evicted seems a bit convoluted, but they don’t have much ‘dirt’ on Adam so any port in a storm I guess!

Late Night: I’ll check in via flashback and fill this in – but the biggest event of the night would be the ‘house meeting’ that was really just a meeting of the Veterans that Jeff and Brendon wanted to re-affirm the vet alliance.   But it pretty much was them taking Daniele to task for trying to go against them.  Daniele lied and claimed she is just friends with the newbies and wasn’t talking game with them, blaming Shelly for everything.  The vets didn’t really but it and it was obvious Daniele is mad as can be.  There is a great write up on it on my ‘sister site’ Big Brother Gossip by @ashes2ashes13 so check it out!

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