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Today: Huge fight in the house that started with a convo between Brendon and Kalia at 12:51pm and ended up involving the whole house for about an hour.  No matter – Dominic will still be going home tomorrow.

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Currently: Rachel HoH. Dominic and Adam Nominated. Brendon didn’t use the POV. Daniele, Porsche and Shelly have gold keys. Rachel on slop until Saturday but can have food & drink from her basket.  Anticipating the end of the couples and an endurance competition on Thursday.

6:30pm Up in the HoH room Brendon, Rachel and Porsche are talking.  Currently picking on Kalia – calling her a fake vegetarian and other things.  Porsche saying it is dumb for her to be bringing up all this drama when she isn’t even in danger.

6:15pm Right now Kalia, Lawon, Daniele, Dominic and Shelly are talking in the Have Not room – about Porsche and her relationship with the vets.  Dominic needs 4 votes AND Rachel to break the tie to stay, but I really really cannot see it happening. Daniele reveals to the newbies that Porsche works with Janelle and that is why the veteran alliance took her under their wing the first week.

6:10pm Finally I am back home and can try to catch up!

5pm After my 1pm post there was some major fighting in the house – with a kinda house meeting and lots of people being ‘called out’ – in the end there was no real change in who is going home, it will still be Dominic – but there was a lot of finger pointing and such.  If you have flashback via the feeds 12:55pm to 1:55pm would make for excellent viewing.

My Fight Recap: Here is my best effort at highlighting the fight / house meeting from Wednesday afternoon. – CLICK HERE to read (coming shortly)

1pm Pictures were taken earlier and the HGs think they are going to be on a 24+ hour lockdown soon. Right now Brendon is telling Kalia off calling her a floater.  She got mad and stormed away.  To see the entire discussion / fight you need to use flashback and go to 12:51 on cam 3 or 4.

10am Adam and Rachel are also up now – they noticed some kind of boxes being delivered somewhere and speculate if it is items for the competition on Thursday.

9am Brendon and Shelly are now the only two up.

7:50am Shelly is up and sitting outside, alone.

6:30am Everyone has been asleep since Dominic and Daniele went to bed around 3:45am.  Daniele actually offered Dominic her bed (and she would have slept in the have not room I think) but he said no and is again sleeping where he has been for almost two weeks in the have not bedroom in the full light.

Late Night: Just a brief summary as what went on in the early morning hours.

The vets (without Daniele) had a bit of a strategy session in the HoH room – using Jelly Beans to look at different options.

Kalia talked to Porsche and Shelly, planting to the seeds to try to save Dominic but sounds to me like the effort fell on deaf ears.

Dominic revealed a bit more of his convo with the vets to Daniele, not that it will help much.

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