Wednesday’s Fight and House Meeting. Flashback Times.

On Wednesday afternoon there was a huge fight / house meeting that has been talked about all around the Big Brother community.  Here is my best effort to recap what all went on.  But there was SO much its hard to get it all, you’d be best to check it out yourself using Flashback via the Big Brother Live Feeds yourself.

Things kicked off simply enough as Kalia decided to talk to Brendon about her situation – feeling she had aligned herself with the veterans but now was out in the cold after Daniele’s plan to get Jeff out was exposed.

Brendon, in his typical fashion, lectured Kalia and then started to accuse her of not coming to them when she first heard Jeff might be ‘back doored’ (a term that is constantly mis-used in the house but there is no point in fighting it – it now just means putting someone up that doesn’t expect it).  Kalia’s defense, which she used constantly the rest of the afternoon was that she knew the plan would not succeed so there was no need to create more drama by bringing the information to the Veterans.  This of course is a lie but she sticks with it.

Things get heated between Brendon and Kalia and he calls her a floater, something she resents, she finally has enough and gets up to walk away to which Brendon tosses out a couple zingers on how Kalia will be crying shortly and that she should go wash some dishes (Brendon feels she never does hers).  Kalia’s big comeback is to tell Brendon to ‘suck it.’

Kalia proceeded in to the house and complained that she just found out that you can’t trust anyone, that people you thought were your friends aren’t, etc etc.  She then storms off into the back bedroom (candy room) where she spoke to Dominic, who claimed that the Vets knew EVERYTHING and he didn’t tell them anything the night before, then Jordan came in and said she had always been honest with everyone and maybe they need to have a house meeting.  Jeff enters the room and he tells Kalia how he tried to give her a chance to come clean on Monday and she lied – again Kalia says she knew the plan would not work and was trying to avoid drama.  Jeff isn’t buying it though.

We then proceed out to the kitchen where Jordan is still calling for a house meeting.  Daniele, Shelly, Adam and Porsche all don’t initially show up and Rachel is in the HoH room doing her blog.

The best way to recap this is in snippets…

  • Brendon is very self assured the whole time.
  • Kalia remains the center of most of the action until Daniele finally chimes in later on.
  • Jeff is very loud and his Chicago accent is in full force.
  • Lawon, love him, proclaims he never suggested nominating a Vet, to a few snickers and dead silence, he also says he wants to win HoH so he can wear the robe!
  • Dominic is pretty clear when he says Shelly, Porsche and Kalia all had ‘deals’ with the vets – to which Shelly gets quite indignant – she somehow manages to seemingly get though the house meeting unscathed.
  • Daniele finally chimes in after she is discussed as ‘she’ and ‘that person’ for quite a while, she admits it was all her idea but also says Brendon and Rachel were all for it – Brendon claims they only were because Daniele had planted ‘seed of doubt.’

In the end I don’t know if anything was accomplished – but it may make for some interesting television.  Here are some times to flashback to if you have the Big Big Brother Live Feeds (This all took place on 7/27/2011):

12:51:47pm Feed 3/4 Kalia talks to Brendon.

12:59pm Feed 3/4 Kalia storms away from Brendon and inside.  Lots of good yelling from Kalia here – but then you need to switch to feed 1/2 to stay with Kalia.

1:oopm Feed 3/4 Brendon and Shelly talk outside – Brendon comments on Lawon following Kalia inside, and mentions “spies.”  Shelly laughs and jokes about Kalia’s comments about spies.

1:00pm Feeds 1/2 Kalia yells for a bit then heads into the Candy bedroom.

1:05pm Feeds 1/2 Jeff and Kalia talk / argue in the Candy Bedroom.

1:13pm Feeds 1/2 Dom and Dani talk in the Have Not bedroom.

1:13pm Feeds 3/4 Talk of a house meeting being called in the kitchen.

1:18pm Feeds 3/4 The ‘house meeting’ kind of starts.  Not everyone is there though.

2:25pm All Feeds The meeting sort of breaks up.

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