Wednesday – Day 61 in Big Brother 13. HoH Picture Day.

Currently: Porsche HoH – Adam and Shelly Nominated – Rachel used the POV – Pandora’s Box Opened Friday and Duos ‘back’ for the week.

Today: HoH pictures and Porsche will write her blog, once they get up that is.  Last day to really campaign to stay for Shelly and Adam.

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3pm Since Rachel and Jordan are the deciding votes – they have spent time today again talking to Adam and Shelly – but since neither is HoH they’ve had to do it out in the backyard – much to the annoyance of Kalia and Porsche.  In the end – I think Shelly is still going.  They also did the HoH pictures today – not many people to squeeze into pictures at this point.!

11:06am Shelly still campaigning  talks to Rachel and Jordan – admits to Rachel she took her dog (and returned it) – She said she felt Rachel was finally totally honest with her so wanted to return it.  Flashback to 11:06am on Cams 1/2 to see & hear her.

6:21am The HGs are all sleeping.  No need to get up early today.

Late Night: Rachel finally found her puppy in her bed after Shelly told her where to look.  No drama.


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