Big Brother 14 Getting Closer – Rumors All Around – Glass House Ep. 2 Tonight

We continue the countdown to Big Brother 14 with loads of rumors and no real facts or news yet.  Whatever you have read out there – take it with a grain of salt.  Here are some example of rumors I have seen lately. Reminder these are RUMORS!  I don’t put much stock in any of them:

  • There will be 18 contestants on BB14 (all we know is there should be at least 17)
  • Former contestants from Survivor and Amazing Race may be on the show.
  • Former BB players will return as mentors to newbie HGs
  • 2 double evictions will be held this season.
  • One HG may win automatic advancement to the final 8 in the first couple weeks.

Other than some former HGs returning I can’t see people from other shows coming in – but it isn’t impossible – several cast members from Survivor did visit the HGs in an early season of Big Brother.  But remember- shows like Survivor and Amazing race only tape for 40 days or so – Big Brother requires almost twice that amount of time to be taped.

We should know a lot more by July 2nd – that is when the media that was visiting the house last Friday is allowed to publish their thoughts in ‘print’ and video form.  We may also learn who at least some of the house guests are at that time.

I promise to let you know when I hear BIG news.  You can follow me on twitter @BBGossip if you like – I tend to tweet a lot during the season 🙂

The Glass House:

Episode #2 is on tonight.

All I really know right now is Jacob left the show last week and Alex didn’t re-enter the house.  ABC has kept us in the dark as to who the two team captains were last wee, which team lost, and who was sent to limbo.  Right now in the house (Monday afternoon) there should be two more people missing and they are waiting for one to return.

This week we should get to figure out when the house guest allowed back returns – unless of course another house guest quits like Jacob did last week.

This show really is close to losing me – but I’m going to at least stick it out until a couple more weeks until Big Brother starts – then I’ll probably give up on except to see how it ends – heck its only on TV once hour a week right?  The live feeds stink so bad its painful to watch.  But if you want you can catch my few tweets as I watch the show and feeds @GlassHouseFans.

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