The Rumors Examined and Spoiled?

Things are really winding up as the premiere of Big Brother is less than two weeks away (July 12th).  However we still don’t know many details officially so the rumors continue.  I’ve given up and decided to run with the rumor that at the moment seems to have the greatest chance of being legitimate.

I heard this rumor develop over the last week and it seems to answer most of the teases that CBS has out out there, mainly the idea of four big surprises, a big change in the way the game is played, and more house guests than ever before (the previous number was 16 in Big Brother 9).

The rumors, passed on via twitter by   @TheGameSurvivor who has spoiled Survivor in the past, are as follows:

  • Four “Mentors” that are previous Big Brother contestants will be involved this season.
  • The  mentors will each advise their own set of newbie house guests.
  • The mentors will win $100,000 if one of their newbies wins Big Brother 14.
  • Once all of a mentors newbie house guest are voted out, they are also off the show.
  • Apart from the mentors, there MAY be some type of Survivor connection – details coming soon.
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The four mentors are rumored to be:

  • Mike “Boogie” Malin – BB 3 & BB 7 – won Big Brother 7 (All Stars).  Seen as a ‘villian’ by many and in my opinion rode Dr. Will’s coat tails to his BB7 victory along with some pre-show wheeling and dealing that never made the ‘air.’  I’m not crazy about him but he would make good TV and in the end this is a TV show.
  • Janelle Pierzina – BB6 & BB7 – the only non-winner of the group but a huge fan favorite.  Considered by many to be one of the best players at least when it came to competitions.  She just had a baby so if this rumor is true it will be interesting to see if the mentors stay in the house all the time or get to go outside of the house after hours.
  • Dan Gheesling – BB10 – Dan is the only one of this group that hasn’t been on more than one season.  Another fan favorite, Dan seemed to breeze through Big Brother 10 on his way to a win.  He’s very active online with motivational podcasts and twitter posts and mentioned recently that he would be “coaching” this summer.  Coaching = mentoring?  Could be.
  • Rachel Reilly – BB12 & BB13 – Many of you reading this are screaming at the screen at the thought of Rachel coming back for a third season in a row and trust me I feel your pain.  The BB13 winner certainly brings out the emotions in many but the word is that outside of the house she is a really nice person.  She is also ratings gold for show producer Alison Grodner because people do tune in to watch the drama and Rachel will surely bring it even as a mentor.

Why mentors?  I think its a way to bring back former house guests without actually putting them in the game itself (although I am sure they would rather play for $500,000) .  When I first hear this rumor I thought of the show “The Voice” where 4 music stars ‘coach’ aspiring musicians.  Another show that just started is Duets and though I have not seen it I recall it is also supposed to have a ‘mentor’ quality.  So this rumored  ‘twist’ make a lot of sense to me.

When will we know if any of this is true?  My guess is not for at least a week.  This weekend the cast is most likely entering sequester – at least the ‘newbies.’  If this rumor is true then the alumni are either not locked up yet, or they have people posing as them online as the three that have twitter accounts (all but Boogie) have all ‘tweeted’ in the last 24 hours and Dan went as far as to imply he won’t be in the BB house this season saying “@DanGheesling Sorry, not unless the house is in Michigan!”  Rachel is scheduled to appear on a couple episodes of Real’s “Rumor Control” this coming Monday and Friday so if she is also participating in Big Brother it will be interesting to see what she has to say or if she doesn’t show up.

One more thought – if this all goes down this way the rumor implies, how may HGs in all will there be?  My theory was that each Mentor would have three or four newbies under them.  If it were only 3 then the total number of HGs including mentors would be 16 – not enough to top the 16 of Season 9.  However if Big Brother tossed, say 13 or more newbies in the house on day one – and had the mentors PICK their own teams, you could just evict the ‘leftovers’ once each mentor had three.  That would allow you to start with more than 16 in all but end up with a more manageable number when it came time to sleep.  Just my own thoughts.  Probably completely wrong.

And with that I am closing up shop on rumor central for the night.  Part of me hopes the rumors are right and another part of me hopes they are wrong and we won’t see one alumni in the house this year.

On Monday, July 2nd, various media sources will be flooding us with house tours and pictures (oops – pictures have already leaked out – read about it here!)although I don’t expect the house guests to be revealed.  CBS still needs to set up their interviews, do photo shoots, have them record promos, lots to do before they will reveal them.  My guess is that will come after the 4th of July, maybe not even until the Monday before the first episode on July 12th when the HGs will already have moved into the house.

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