Don’t forget your Free $10 in Music Each Month!

With every Superpass Subscription did you know you also get $10 in free music?  Here is part of the info from Real.

Every month, your Superpass membership gets you $10 in MP3 music downloads from the millions available in the Rhapsody MP3 Store.The songs are yours to keep, so use your $10 every month before your music credit expires. You can play these MP3 songs anywhere, including your iPod.

Its MUCH easier this year to get them – once you have logged into your account on Superpass, click on the “Benefits” tab and then choose Rhapsody.  You will then see very detailed instructions.  I’ve done it twice with the new system and it worked easily!

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The Big Brother Early Bird Special is now available. See the entire season of the Big Brother Live Feeds for one price of $29.99 This season the Mobile option will be included with the basic subscription! Click now to get the free three day trial and use Flashback to watch the feeds from BB12 and BB13 while you wait for BB14 to kick off July 12th!!!

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