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Welcome to the wonderful world of Big Brother Live Feed viewing. I am writing this to try to answer some of the questions people have about the live feeds for the CBS show Big Brother.  If you are a subscriber or have watched the feeds in the past, this will be a very boring post so I’d just skip it.  I’m trying to help out the ‘newbies’ that don’t share our addiction (yet).

So I’ll skip the history lesson about the 1st year of feeds being FREE and how things have changed over the years and just let you know what we get to see on the feeds (at least through last year) and what you can expect and WHY we know what will be shown on TV long before it airs.  I’ll also try to teach you a little Big Brother shorthand to make reading what people write easier.  If you find this useful and decide to try the Live Feeds all I ask is that you sign up through a link on this site – I get a referral (doesn’t cost you any more and everyone has the exact same deal) and with my oldest starting college this fall every penny helps! :)  So here we go:

The Big Brother house has LOTS of camera’s and microphones (everywhere – even in the toilet although we don’t see that usually) – and the House Guests (we call them HGs) are supposed to wear microphones all the time unless in the pool, hot tub or shower, even when in bed if they are talking to their fellow HGs (or themselves).

CBS is recording them ALL the time for the roughly three hours of TV they show each week but if you do the math you’ll see that they have 168 hours of TV a week to work with (more if you consider all the cameras in different parts of the house).  So how do they pick what to show on TV?  Well the producers are really putting together a story – so they work with whatever footage they want.  Some times we have seen them use week old footage in order to tell that story, or even older stuff.  They don’t really mind doing that because its a TV show  and what you see on ANY reality TV show isn’t ‘reality’ – its edited reality at best.  Thanks to the Live Feeds we get to see the unedited ‘reality’ and witness how it is transformed into the TV show that most live feed viewers like myself roll our eyes at (but watch EVERY week).

Read on…..

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So you get the idea – a ton of cameras in the house – very little time to show on TV.  This is where the Live Feeds come in for us.  CBS has a deal with Real (the company) and they send a video stream of four camera feeds to Real and Real sends them out to the Superpass Subscribers.  Now while they talk about “four cameras to choose from” I’m going to be honest with you – most of the time what you get is 2 scenes to pick from with 2 camera angles of each scene.  For example, maybe some people are huddled up in the Head of Household (HoH) bedroom talking strategy – and another group is sitting outside in the Hammock in the Backyard doing the same thing – or flirting – whatever.  You may see Cams 1 & 2 in the HoH room from two angles (maybe focused on two different peeople) and the other two cameras, 3 & 4, out in the backyard.  There is a fifth ‘camera’ or ‘feed’ by the way and we call that the ‘quad cam’ – thats the one that lets you see all four feeds at once.  Which can be really hard to hear if everyone is talking but its good to scan and see which feed you want to check out.

Make sense?  Can you get a sense on how it might be addicting?  Meanwhile there are tons of OTHER people on the internet watching the same thing you are – and chatting in chat rooms (Superpass has lots of chat rooms) or on message boards (they are all over the place) or like I usually do now, on twitter.  So not only can you watch – but you can discuss as you watch.

Now…  let me give you a typical week on the feeds vs on TV so you can understand why we know so much and can spoil.

The ‘week’ as we would think of it usually starts at the end of Thursday night’s show when a new HoH is crowned.  To the TV viewer  thats it until Sunday.  To the live feed viewer the feeds go live (they are off for the TV show) right after the show ends on the East Coast and we get to watch the fallout from the new HoH winning – it might be celebrating, fighting, plotting, just depends on who won.  But Thursday night is usually pretty interesting and filled with drama especially mid-season if there are two distinct ‘alliances.’  We watch as the alliances plot and the HoH talks with his/her allies about who to nominate while elsewhere in the house the non-allies try to plot on how to NOT be nominated.

Friday comes and the HGs usually do two things that day – Food or Have Have Not competition and Nominations.  Both this things are normally NOT shown on the live feeds (blocked again) but we know as soon as the competition ended who won or lost based on their mood and their discussion – so all we miss is seeing it live – we get to watch that part Sunday on the TV episode – the difference is we know who wins and loses (see?).  Same goes with nominations.  We generally know who the HoH is going to nominate based on the past 12-18 hours of discussion so its not a real surprise when the feeds return after the nomination ceremony.  We just pay attention to see who is upset – or look at the memory wall to see whose key is missing.  We know pretty quick and so in the same way when it is shown on TV on Sunday, two days later, we know all we missed was the actual key turning.  See where I am going here?

This continues for the rest of the week.  POV selection & Competition on Saturday (not shown until Wednesday), POV Ceremony on Sunday or Monday (Again, not shown until Wednesday).  So by Sunday in most cases we know who the nominees are and have a good feeling as to whom will go home but Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday things sometimes get wild with deal making and people running their mouths too much or to little.  By Thursday morning in almost every case, we know who is going to be voted out because we’ve watched everyone discuss things .

By the way – the one room where the HGs can talk to producers is the Diary Room (DR) and we usually (usually) do not see or hear those convos – however sometimes production messes up and we hear things.  Also, even though the HGs are not supposed to talk about production and DR sessions – they always do and we get a good idea of things that are discussed over time.

Thats the basics.  Whew – feel overloaded?  There are a few more things to note.

The HGs are not to sing in the house – or whistle – or hum – CBS has to pay royalties for broadcasting music on the internet so they yell at the HGs if they do it.  Or they ‘cut’ the feeds and we see a fishtank (usually) and hear the BB theme.  It can get old fast when you have a HG that doesn’t obey BB.

HGs also are not supposed to discuss people by name from outside the house (Friends, Family) unless they have signed a waiver so when they do this (and they do) the feeds get cut again (and they usually get told to stop).

So back to the Live Feeds for a moment – what about Big Brother After Dark (BBAD) – thats like the live feeds right?  Yes, thats like the live feeds on a diet.  You only get one camera (we still usually see that camera and 3 more) and you only get 3 hours.  The nice thing for you is that BB usually breaks out the alcohol (about one beer per person max) a little bit before BBAD starts to losen them up.  Its not bad but you certainly can’t learn all that we learn with the live feeds and they usually try to keep the BBAD camera on people that are being more social than plotting.

Time – the studio is in Burbank so everything is on Pacific time – we call it BB time instead.  I’m on Eastern so I have to adjust everything by 3 hours.  HGs usually get up round 9am BB time and especially the first few weeks you have some staying up until 7 or 8am BB time so you almost have someone up all the time.   The quietest time in the house is usually 5am-10am BB time which is 8am-1pm for folks on the East Coast.

One more thing about having the live feed that was introduced a few years ago.  FLASHBACK!! This is the greatest invention since sliced bread, I kid you not.  Back in the dark ages of BB if you went to bed and a fight happened while you slept, you had to PRAY someone was recording it or it would be shown on TV, otherwise you would never see it.  Now with Flashback on Superpass you can go back and watch any moment shown on any of the 5 feeds whenever you want.  Its a DVR for the live feeds and it always is recording.  As a matter of fact you can currently log into your Superpass account and see ANY part of the live feeds for BB12 and BB13 – they keep the last two years!  Its amazing and there are lots of places to find exact times and cameras to go to to see things that happened in the past (fights, strategy, etc) – I recently posted info to watch Britney wearing Rachel’s hair extensions during BB12 and getting busted – it was hilarious and fun to watch again.

I’m going to post this now – please sign up for the feeds if this sounds fun.  They will go LIVE at 10pm BB time on Thursday – that is 1am Friday morning Eastern.  I myself am taking the day off Friday to sleep in but remember- with Flashback you can log in Friday afternoon and watch what went on the night before at your leisure.

The Superpass Subscription is $29.99 through Wednesday at midnight thats a 3 month subscription so you can see all of Big Brother with a couple weeks to spare!  On Thursday he three month subscription goes up to $39.99.  The mobile option cost extra last year but this year is included so you should be able to watch the feeds on your Android, iPhone, iPad, etc (remember – videos can take a lot of Data so bear that in mind if you have to pay for your data ussage).

Tweet at me @BBGossip if you have any questions I did not answer and I will try to answer them below.  Or you can email me at ilovereality at gmail.com  all I ask once again is if you decide to try the live feeds, please get them through this site as a ‘thank you’ for this article and any help I provided you!

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