Friday – the end is near.

Today: After last night’s part 1 – the house was VERY quiet and calm – inside lockdown all day – perhaps to remove the part one HoH competition and  set up part 2 which was not held today.  Read below for more.  Still don’t have the live feeds? You can get a free three day trial by signing up at the following link – click here to get the trial!

Currently: Dan won Part  of final HoH competition Thursday night.  No part 2 yet.

9pm Today was extremely quiet – and it will be for the rest of the season actually.  All they have left to do is one more competition (between Danielle and Ian) and I think Jury questioning although it seems to me that was different last year.  Anyways – the only gameplay going on is Dan and Danielle trying to get Ian to throw part two to Danielle – she’s trying to make Ian think she wants revenge on Dan.  I don’t think Ian will bite and he would be extremely dumb if he did.

Earlier this evening the feeds were off for about an hour – apparently there was a power outtage – we believe related to local wildfires.

This morning they had a ‘final three brunch’ and the feeds were blocked for that as well.  I guess it will be another segment of staring at the memory wall and discussing each house guest – I will say it again – I absolutely HATE the segment on Big Brother and the similar one on Survivor – I will skip it every time as you learn nothing new and its just filler.

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Still don’t have the live feeds? You can get a free three day trial by signing up at the following link – click here to get the trial!

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1:40am by chess board – Ash to Ian, “we just need a minute – well a lot of minutes” in HoH Brit, “it didn’t have to go down this way because she didn’t have to lie”
1:32am Ashley makes a great point to Jenn in front of the entire HoH room that Ashley has no one – that Dani, Shane, Brit, Dan (and Joe?) are tight. Eventually starts bawling and Jenn and Her leave the HoH. As soon as she leaves Dan and Britney coach the others not to buy her tears.
1:28am Ashley tries to talk to Jenn – Jenn tells her that “you can suck it ashley” – then they start to talk in front of everyone else.
1:17am Frank yells about Jenn “she ain’t won shit she ain’t winning shit”
1:11am Frank goes to the HoH room and says ‘don’t add insult to injury by badmouthing Boogie behind his back’ – Frank actually chokes up – head out of HoH. After he leaves they laugh at him (Dan, Brit, Jenn, Danielle, Shane and Joe were in the HoH).
1:05am Jenn in the HoH room complaining about Frank and Ashley – saying she wants to burn the place down (upset). Joe & Brit fueling the fire saying Boogie has Frank working for them. Meanwhile downstairs Ian can hear parts of what it being said and reports it to Frank.
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