Thursday – The Finale

Today: Ian wins Big Brother 14 on a vote of 6-1 – only Danielle voted for Dan to win.

Currently: Ian won the final HoH – beating Dan in Part 3.  Ian won Part 2 on Saturday – Dan won Part 1 last Thursday.

10pm Ian, Dan, Danielle (after being told Dan told Shane she had been playing her all season as he walked out the door).

9pm Some more backyard chats…

8:47pm Joe was up and now Janelle. Janelle said she didn’t pick the best players – Joe says Willies head butt was more of a love tap – also called it a ‘rub’ (it was more of a rub if you ask me).

8:35pm Ashley up – very happy for Ian.  She says they had a lot of fun in the Jury House.

8:28pm Backyard interviews going on now.  Shane never went to the Jury House – he was in a hotel for 6 days.  He also implies there will be no relationship between him and Danielle since neither of them won so they can’t afford to fly (Danielle made it clear that was not an issue Shane – methinks you don’t want a relationship)

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1:40am by chess board – Ash to Ian, “we just need a minute – well a lot of minutes” in HoH Brit, “it didn’t have to go down this way because she didn’t have to lie”
1:32am Ashley makes a great point to Jenn in front of the entire HoH room that Ashley has no one – that Dani, Shane, Brit, Dan (and Joe?) are tight. Eventually starts bawling and Jenn and Her leave the HoH. As soon as she leaves Dan and Britney coach the others not to buy her tears.
1:28am Ashley tries to talk to Jenn – Jenn tells her that “you can suck it ashley” – then they start to talk in front of everyone else.
1:17am Frank yells about Jenn “she ain’t won shit she ain’t winning shit”
1:11am Frank goes to the HoH room and says ‘don’t add insult to injury by badmouthing Boogie behind his back’ – Frank actually chokes up – head out of HoH. After he leaves they laugh at him (Dan, Brit, Jenn, Danielle, Shane and Joe were in the HoH).
1:05am Jenn in the HoH room complaining about Frank and Ashley – saying she wants to burn the place down (upset). Joe & Brit fueling the fire saying Boogie has Frank working for them. Meanwhile downstairs Ian can hear parts of what it being said and reports it to Frank.
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