Big Brother Live Feed options this season.

I’ve been asked a couple times about the availability of the Big Brother live feeds this season.

The two main Questions have been – what device can I watch the feeds on and can I watch them from Canada this season?

Current answers are:

What devices can I watch the feeds on and what can I see on each device?

I’ve lifted the following from CBS that has the breakdown of what you can get on each device/computer (Macintosh computers are included with “PCs” in the image below):

Big Brother Live Feeds content can be viewed on the Desktop (Flash), iPad (HTML5), Android Tablet (Flash and HTML5), iPhone (HTML5), Android Phone (Flash and HTML5).  However, special features are not supported on all devices.  The Desktop experience is the most robust. Tablets feature most but not all of the desktop features while viewing on mobile phones has the least amount of extra features enabled.

Note!! The Amazon Kindle uses a special version of Android.  As of this writing it may or may not work – but I think it will.  I would consider it the same as any  other Android device (I’m checking with CBS on this).

Second questions – Will I be able to watch the feeds from Canada this season?

The (simple) current answer to that is NO (sorry) – as of this writing the policy from CBS (that took over the feeds from Real this year) is that, “Big Brother Live Feeds may be accessed in only the United States including Hawaii, Alaska and the Virgin Islands”

The longer answer is that I know that there are ways to get around the system to watch the feeds from Canada, it is somewhat similar to the ways that people watched the live feeds for Big Brother Canada in the USA – and its not ‘simple’ and as an Live Feed Affiliate I don’t feel comfortable trying to explain how to break a policy so you will need to do some searching to find out a way if you are desperate.

HOWEVER – CBS is well aware of the uproar this policy has cause and while I have no idea if things will change in the near future – I think they’d be crazy not to find a way since they would make a TON more money by letting the loyal Canadian fans see the live feeds.  If and when there is a policy change I’ll be telling everyone I know.  If you are in Canada – hold on until Tuesday before trying to get the feeds by another means.  If you don’t already follow me be sure to follow my twitter account @BBGossip

UPDATE: Unfortunately I received word after writing this that the Live Feeds will only be available as described above.  While I have no official confirmation I strongly suspect this may be because Canada now has its own version of Big Brother and so Endermol, the creative company behind Big Brother, may be keeping CBS from selling feeds for its program in a country with another version of the show.

UPDATE #2: I found a blog with instructions on how to see the live feeds if you are outside the USA – check it out here:

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