Thursday – Power of Veto Competition Perhaps Today

Today: McRae won POV.  Ellisa told McCrea today that she is the MVP.  She nominated David in some type of MVP ceremony.

Currently: McCrae HoH – Candice and Jessie Nominated (no MVP Nom Yet) – McCrae Won POV – Have Nots Andy, Elissa, Judd, Howard, and Helen – Elissa MVP.

9:30pm McCrae won POV – the whole house will pressure him to go after Elissa.  We shall See.

8:10pm Feeds have been on trivia for about an hour for the POV competition.  Since Big Brother After Dark is on at 9 they should be done soon we hope.

6:00pm No POV competitoin yet.

The biggest event that I saw was just arounf 5pm Dave, who is not nominated, decided to talk to Elissa since apparently they have barely spoken so far.  Just having the talk made Aaryn very angry and she bawled David out for almost an hour.  She feels Elissa is the enemy and thinks if Dave wins the POV and saves himself, that Elissa will put her up – so can’t see why David would engage her at all.  Not a pretty site that discussion.

4:20pm The feeds came back and all that happened was that the MVP (Elissa) – nominated David.  In theory this was done in secret so as to not reveal the MVP – however all the HGs assume it was here.  They now wait for the POV competition.

Playing in the POV competition will be McCrae, Candice, Jessie, David, Elissa and Howard.

2pm Feeds are now on Fish so I think the MVP nomination (by Ellissa apparently) will take place and then the POV selection and competition.

At 11am Ellisa told McCrea that she is the MVP – it appears that she and he are in a two person alliance where each is trying to also work with others (for example McCrea seems to have told Elissa about his all guy alliance).  The problem for Elissa is that McCrea has said he will have to put her up should Candice or Jessie come off via the POV because the rest of the house expects it.  Therefore he wants her to use her MVP to put up a strong player like Dave whom is more likely to win the POV over the two girls and will then save himself.  She is NOT happy that he won’t promise her safety but he is actually being honest in saying it will screw up his game if he does.

This has been a very interesting morning.  The characters we saw on TV last night are not quite what we have seen in the house.

With Dave and Aaryn a couple and the ‘love triangle’ between Jessie, Jeremy and Kaitlin, the HGs figuring out that Elissa is Rachels sisters, the house politics are crazy.


7:50am: The HGs are all snoozing away – one guy is particularly loud.  The Have Not room can be seen in the bottom right of the quad cam below.

Late Nite: Last HGs seem to drift off to sleep around 5am.  Give me a few to go back over what I watched – I was actually up until after 3am BB time but was doing a million other thing and didn’t write down anything.

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