Friday – Alliances – Female Drama – Bikini Day

Today: HGs finally got outside after being locked down since Wednesday (except for POC) – Some drama with the girls – Many alliances in the works – I think David is the target by most right now.

Currently: McCrae HoH – Candice and Jessie and Dave (by MVP) Nominated  – McCrae Won POV – Have Nots Andy, Elissa, Judd, Howard, and Helen – Elissa MVP.

9:30pm It started out rather quiet today but the drama eventually started ramping up.  These women are running paranoid – today/tonight Aaryn, Kaitlin, Elissa and Helen all had their moments.

Aaryn was told by David that Jeremy was suspicious that there are secret relationships in the house (McCrae’s sister went to the same high school as Kaitlin but they didn’t know each other) – Aaryn went and told Kaitlin, who then got upset.  There is major distrust by Jeremy so its pretty apparent that the relationship with Kaitlin really is a showmance at best.

At one point I saw Helen was crying – I’m not even sure why but thought it worth noting.

Elissa is non stop emotional – she knows that she is going up in place of Candice  (thats who McCrae plans to save).  Amanda has some scheme to start up an old vs young alliance and wants Elissa to join in – and fake fight with Amanda to confuse people.  Again I didn’t see all the fake fighting but it did not wow the other HGs.

Many many alliances in the works – I’ve heard names like “Boob Squad” “Bieber Fever” “Boats and Hoes” – just sillyness.

3pm Drama free so far today – the HGs got a photo booth to play around with – the picture will apparently eventually end up on CBS’s website.  Here are a ton of shots from today so far.

Late Nite: Around 3:55 or so Jeremy and Kailtin had a little make out session – the first I think this season (much later in the day he informed Dave they ‘hooked up’ – but it was just kissing and cuddling as far as I could tell).

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