Big Brother – Day 13 in the house. Live Eviction – New HoH

Today: Aaryn & Jeremy one the HoH competition and Aaryn appears to be HoH.  David voted out – some HGs were quite shocked.  Most knew it was going that way.

Currently: Aaryn HoH – ?? Nom’d – ?? MVP – No Have Nots Yet

10pm There has been much chatter online that Aaryn and Jeremy cheated in winning the competition – I have to admit that I thought they might have at first  – but upon further review I don’t think they did.  However Kaitlin admitted she and Amanda switched cups at least once and got a one minute penalty.

7:25pm Aaryn has the HoH key and is out for blood – wants to know who voted for who.  Spencer SWEARS he voted for Elissa (lie).  It may get nasty tonight.   Click here to get the live feeds and see it for yourself!!

7:02pm Jeremy managed to get the ball out of his and Aaryn’s jug before Andy – who was in second at the time.  Jeremy or Aaryn will be the next HoH

6:43pm Feeds came back and it looks like Aaryn and Jeremy are about tied with Andy and Elissa – however Judd and Nick chose to fill up the small jug first and now have a bigger scoop to try to catch up.

6:10pm Pairs are:

Spencer & Helen

Candice & GinaMarie

Andy & Elissa

Amanda & Kaitlyn

Judd & Nick

Jeremy & Aaryn

Jessie & Howard

6pm – HGs were randomly paired for tonights endurance HoH competition. The winning pair must decide between them who will be HoH.  Pairs coming up shortly

5:45pm David voted out with 7 votes.  Elissa got 5 – Jessie 0

5:26pm Live vote about to start

5pm Live eviction show begins

4:55pm Looks like we might have an Endurance competition tonight!!


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