Friday – Have Nots and Nominations

Today: The Have Not competition was held and Andy, Spencer, Jesse and Candice were on the losing team.  The competition involved eating ice cream made of Sardines and Habenero Sauce.  Most of the HGs threw up while playing.  Then Judd made his nominations and I was surprised with them – he nominated Aaryn and Kaitlin.  I really expected him to put up GinaMarie and not Aaryn.

The MVP this week is of course “us” – I was a naughty boy and encouraged people to vote for Elissa since the voting page looked almost identical to previous weeks.  Many people were not happy with me at all for doing this.

Currently: Judd HoH – Aaryn & Kaitlyn  Nom’d – “America”  MVP – Andy Spencer Jessie and Candice are Have Nots Yet – POV comp on Sunday.

Click here to get the live feeds and see it for yourself!!

11pm: Oh my – its tough getting back in the swing of things.  See above for news.  Here are a few screen caps from the day.

bb15cap1892 bb15cap1904 bb15cap1911 bb15cap1914


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