Wednesday – Day 41 – Hurry Up and Wait

Today: Today will be very quiet in all likely hood. Howard is going out tomorrow – unless something very strange happens.  Inside lockdown today – that indicates tomorrow’s competition may be an endurance one which means of course….

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Currently: Aaryn HoH – Howard & Candice Nom’d – “America” MVP – Amanda MVP nom.  Candice Amanda GinaMarie and Judd are Have Nots.  Spencer won and used POV on himself.

9:30pm Game wise the HGs are mostly looking way down the road.  Andy and Judd had a bit of a fight tonight and it probably cause damage to Judd’s game – Andy spends time talking to everyone he is aligned with while Judd isn’t nearly as active.  Judd ticked off Andy earlier in the evening and Judd tried to ment fences but I don’t know if it really helped – I mean they are ‘MAD’ at each other now but game wise the argument just put  bigger target on his back.

Howard is still going – noting has changed in that area.  Inside lockdown continues.  Helen has spent time bonding with Jesse – perhaps working on future things (Helen).

McCrae lives in these clothes by the way….





2:30pm Interesting to see that Helen and Andy are already plotting for next week and it appears they no longer trust Judd.  They think he is in cahoots with Spencer (but he isn’t).  Just worth mentioning for now, will only matter if Helen or Andy get Hoh and their minds might change by then.  Suitcases are awaiting the nominees so they can pack.  Still very little action in the house.


1:45pm The house has been quiet all day so far.  Everyone but Helen has stayed in bed.  The house is locked down inside – guessing that they are preparing a big competition for Thursday.


Overnight – from now on I will direct you to my sister site Big Brother Gossip and Ash’s Night Owl report which gives great detail on late night action.

Click here to get the live feeds and see it for yourself when it happens!!

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