Thursday – Live Eviction and HoH Endurance Possible.

Today: Howard was evicted 7-1. GinaMarie won HoH. Candice won $5,000.  Helen won a BBQ for her and 3 people. Spencer has to talk through a bull horn until nominations.

Endurnace HoH expected tonight – click here to get the live feeds and see it for yourself when it happens!!

Currently: GinaMarie HoH – Noms Friday – “America” MVP – MVP nom Saturday.  No Have Nots.  POV Comp Saturday.

8:33pm More details on the boxes – Spencer, Helen and Candice were the first three off.  Candice won the $5,000 – Helen won a grill for the house – Spencer has to talk through a megaphone until nominations.

8pm McCrae fell – GinaMarie is the new HoH.


7:53pm Jesse fell off – only GinaMarie and McCrae remain


7:44pm As soon as Big Brother reversed the direction the barrel was rotating they fell off like crazy.  I think SPencer, Helen and Amanda were the first three off – but Candice, Elissa were close behind and then Andy and Judd.  Its down to Jesse GinaMarie and McCrae.  GinaMarie already telling McCrae he and Amanda are safe.

America nominates again this week. Based on tweets aimed at me I’d say Amanda will be the nominee.

7:15pm   Everyone is still on – taller people seem to have the best advantage in this.


7pm Howard was evicted 7-1

5pm Trivia on the feeds continues.

3pm Feeds have been on trivia since shortly after 11am. This is unusual for this season, so keep your eyes peeled when the feeds come back to see if the house mood has changed. As of now Howard should be going.


Answer: Jeff

Early morning: When the Hgs were up this morning – before the feeds cut – some were already planning for future evictions. Howard seemed to think there might be a chance he could get some to flip and create a tie vote – but we knew that other HGs like Andy were only telling that they might do it to string him along.


Overnight – from now on I will direct you to my sister site Big Brother Gossip and Ash’s Night Owl report which gives great detail on late night action.

Click here to get the live feeds and see it for yourself when it happens!!

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