Deja Vue – Another Endurance HoH and a Juror Returns.

Today:  Helen evicted. Judd beat out Helen, Candice and Jessie in the HoH competition and will return. Elissa won HoH by catching 10 balls.

Endurnace HoH tonight – click here to get the live feeds and see it for yourself when it happens!!

Currently: Elissa  HoH – Noms Friday –  ??? Have Nots.  POV Comp Saturday.

8:45pm Elissa won – she is the now HoH.  Judd returns to play again but did fall off before the end.

8:15pm Helen and Candice fell out in rapid succession so Judd will return to the house.  Currently Elissa has 7 balls, Judd 5, Amanda 4 and GinaMarie 3.

7:45pm Fake bit – “Fan” runs on set and it chased off by security guard.  HGs were not amused.


7:39pm Jessie is out. Andy as well.

7:35pm – when the feeds came back McCrae and Spencer were already out.  Then Andy fell off.  Currently Elissa leads with 5 balls – then Amanda and Jessie with 4 and Judd has 3.

7pm The live show is over and we await the feeds to return to see which Jury member will return and who will be the next HoH.

I will update when I know more.

My apologies for lac of updates – ‘real life’ has kept me from doing as much as I’d like!

Overnight – from now on I will direct you to my sister site Big Brother Gossip and Ash’s Night Owl report which gives great detail on late night action.

Click here to get the live feeds and see it for yourself when it happens!!

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