Excuse the mess – I’m working to get this house in order.

Last year thanks to my previous provider, this site crashed horribly and I was too busy to get it back up and running the way I should have.  So I will be working this weekend to get it up with a new look and will do my best to maintain it.  A shout out to GoDaddy who is now hosting the site – for LESS money and with much less hassle than my old provider.

Again please bear with me – I will be cleaning up bad links, changing the theme around and loads of fun stuff, who knows I might even turn on comments and I’ve never allowed comments on this site since I started it in 2002 (Big Brother 4).

If you are looking for the live feed information – you can now subscribe and it is the time to do it.  The entire season of feeds can be yours for $23.99 and with that you can also watch with your mobile devices.  When you consider that the feeds will be on from June 26th through mid September its a VERY cheap form of entertainment for the summer (feeds are on 24×7 and you can even use flashback to go back to see things you missed).

Go ahead and sign up now via the link below – after June 25th the price goes up by $3.00

CBS Interactive Inc.

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