The Current Big Brother 16 Rumors and Speculation

While still waiting for some concrete details about the upcoming season I thought I’d pass on things I have been hearing.

All we have at the moment are rumors – and those are all over the place.  Here is just a sampling of some of them (Keep in mind these are RUMORS, I wouldn’t put stock in any of them):

An All-Star season: I don’t see this happening as people considered ‘all stars’ over the last few seasons have already be back in the house (Dick, Dan, Rachel, Jeff, Jordan, etc etc).  Of course there would need to be more but the point is for Big Brother 7 – other than several from BB6 – none of the other HGs had been in on the show very recently.

Blood vs Water theme: This one seems to have some traction among fans.  Survivor has done this theme once (and is doing it again next season) – returning a ‘vet’ player along with a family member or close relationship.  One early rumor out there had it that Frank (BB14) would enter the house with his father Pro Wrestler Sid Viscous.  I won’t say this isn’t going to happen but personally I’m hoping it doesn’t, I really would like a mostly if not completely new cast.

Winners vs Newbies: I came up with this one after watching Hayden’s live feed exclusive interview with Jeff on Tuesday (you can see it when you sign up for the Early Bird Special here or via any link on the site).  Jeff mentioned he’d be interviewing several Big Brother winners leading up to the show. That made me wonder if they might not bring them back to play (Hayden even said if asked to play again he would).

I’ll be keeping my eye on the social media feed of the former house guests to see if I catch wind of anything else, we should know a lot more within a week.

If you are a fan of Jeff and Jordan (BB1 and BB13) then you might want to hurry up and sign up for the Early Bird Special as Jeff will be interviewing Jordan live on Thursday, June 12th and only live feed subscribers will be able to see it.


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