Watch the Big Brother 16 premiere live from anywhere.

(This applies for Big Brother 17 as well!  One warning – I noticed if you get in late the channel is FULL and you can’t watch – so get on early!)

The Big Brother 16 premiere is June 25th and every season I have people that live West of the Mississippi (or elsewhere in the world even) frantically asking me how they can watch Big Brother on CBS live as it airs to those of us in the Eastern or Central time zones.  Up until this year I have tried to tweet out a link to one of a couple online web streams of questionable origin that may disappear at any moment.

This past winter I began to entertain the idea of ‘cutting the cord’ as more and more people are doing and so I started to take inventory of my options for watching certain television programs via a means other than my local cable company (I, like many, am not really close to a strong over the air HDTV TV signal).

Most of what I found so far is a story for another time and website (my site SoLongCable is just sitting there waiting for me to start writing!) – but one place I discovered that IS relevant to Big Brother is a site that allows me (and you) to watch the ‘major’ networks Eastern time zone feed online for FREE from anywhere!

USTVNOWLOGO__1_The site I found is call  and its purpose is allow USA ‘expats,’ folks living permanently or temporarily outside the USA, the ability to view television from the USA (but it lets me view while here at home in the states as well).  I’m going to keep it simple as the actual site will allow users to view 6 FREE terrestrial channels including CBS.  For a fee you can also watch 22 more terrestrial & cable channels.

You can sign up for a free 45 day trial via this link and for those 45 days you can watch the free 6 channels (CBS, ABC, NBC, FOX, CW and My9) on your computer, Roku, iPhone, iPad, Droid device.  After the 45 day trial you can still watch live TV but only on your computer and at ‘low’ quality (Still looks good to me!).  The process is very simple and there is no credit card required to sign up, just a valid email address.  The company has been around for at least 4 years so this isn’t some fly by night operation.

Additional information.  The CBS station is one in Pennsylvania so there is a chance that later on in the Big Brother season you may have delays do to football so keep that in mind.

The site has a built-in DVR feature to record shows but unlocking that feature takes an additional step that requires a friend to sign up.  For each referral you get (you can generate a link on the site) you get 4 hours or “DVR” time.   I have several hours at this point and it works great as a backup to my home DVR and the nice thing is that you can watch recorded shows on any device even after the 45 day trial.  Recorded shows are available for about two weeks and you have to manually pick each show to record on the free plan.  Please note the links in this write-up have my own referral code built into them.

So get busy and sign up if you don’t have access to another means to watch Big Brother when it airs live.

One last thing, if you haven’t signed up for the live feeds, please do so via this link or by clicking on a banner on the site. It would be greatly appreciated and the cost ($23.99 for the season) is the same no matter how you get to it.

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3 Responses to Watch the Big Brother 16 premiere live from anywhere.

  1. I tried signing up with and it wouldn’t go through. I even tried going through Facebook. I’m not exactly sure how you got in but do you have more info??

  2. ilovereality says:

    I don’t know what you mean by ‘it won’t go through’ – you can try contacting their support folks here

  3. sue launer says:

    Got right in so excited

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