Big Brother 16 Begins Wednesday – Watch The Media Day Video

Its finally here, the Big Brother 16 Premiere is Wednesday night at 8pm. Here are a couple things to do before you settle down to watch.

First, if you haven’t yet, you should sign up for the live feeds via this link, the Early Bird Special ends either tonight or Wednesday (We aren’t even sure!) so get them asap to make sure you get the lowest price possible ($3 increase once it ends).

Next you can watch the Media Day and see some media folks play a game of Big Brother.  Also you’ll get to see Rachel, Mike Boogie and Jesse (former House Guests).

Remember, if you haven’t signed up for the live feeds, please do so via this link or by clicking on a banner on the site. It would be greatly appreciated and the cost ($23.99 for the season) is the same no matter how you get to it.

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