Last Chance For The Live Feed Discount – Second HoH Winner Tonight!

The live feeds FINALLY kick off tonight but before that we will watch the second eight HGs enter the Big Brother house.  That will be Brittany, Caleb, Christine, Derrick, Hayden, Jocosta, Victoria and Zach .  CBS released a video teasing tonight’s show and in it we see part of the HoH competition and what appears to possibly be Hayden and Caleb embracing after they finish – might this mean one of them won the HoH or is it a ploy by CBS to make us think that?  If you listen to my audio ‘carcast’ today I speculated that CBS may have edited the teaser to make us think one of them won when in reality a lighter person (possibly one of the women) was the real winner.  We won’t know for sure until the show airs at 9pm tonight.

Meanwhile the live feed discount ends this afternoon.  Don’t wait any longer if you have been procrastinating. Just sign up via this link or by clicking on a banner on the site. It would be greatly appreciated and the cost ($23.99 for the season) is the same no matter how you get to it but later today the price jumps $3.

CBS Interactive Inc.

Here is the video teaser of tonight’s episode:

I’ll post a new update once the feeds go live and let you know exactly where things stand in the house!

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