Thursday – Day 7 in Big Brother 16

Currently: Caleb is HoH.  Donny and Paola are nominated. Hayden, Joey, Brittany and Cody are Have Nots. POV competition is on Friday.

11:40pm The feeds are just getting warmed up and we’ve already figured out a ton.  Here are some of the highlights.

  • Caleb apparently had to choose from the 1st 8 HGs for nominations – he picked Donny and Paola – the first guy and girl eliminated from their HoH competition.
  • Frankie apparently had to pick from the 2nd 8 HGs and chose the 1st two people eliminated from the 2nd HoH competition – Victoria and Brittany.
  • It seems that Brittany and Victoria defeated Donny and Paola in the first Battle of the Block competition so they were un-nominated and Frankie was dethroned as HoH.
  • There was a Have Not competition (I think) today and Hayden, Joey, Brittany and Cody are Have Nots.
  • Power of Veto Competition is tomorrow. Caleb, Donny, Paola, Victoria, Cody, and Zach are participating.
  • There is a showmance between Hayden and Nicole.
  • Caleb has a BIG crush on Amber.
  • Zach and Frankie seem to have a pretty solid alliance and are working to set up side alliances.
  • The HGs sound like the entered the house either last Thursday or Friday.  I am currently assuming Thursday based on what they said and an outside source that heard that was the correct day (Updated to Friday based on more conversations).

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Here are a few pictures from the feeds.

bb161116 bb161117 bb161119 bb161123 bb161114 bb161126

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