Friday – Day 8 in the Big Brother 16 House – POV

Currently: Caleb is HoH.  Donny and Paola are nominated. Hayden, Joey, Brittany and Cody are Have Nots. Donny won the POV today so Caleb will have to put someone else up.


11:30pm  The only major happening today was the Power of Veto competition that took place this afternoon.  Donny won the competition that was apparently similar to the competition famously lost by Jeff in Big Brother 11 when he came up with the non word “Technotronics” – Donny won with the word “Splitters.”  Since he will now use the POV Caleb will have to nominate someone else.  I think the POV ceremony won’t be until Sunday – maybe even Monday.


We also found out that the nominees that won the Battle of the Block are safe from being replacement nominees, something I think is a bit unfair.  Caleb wants to put up Joey but some of the women would rather he put up a guy in Donny’s place.


The Frankie / Zach alliance still seems to be the strongest in the house – all the other alliances seem not nearly as well formed and very much subject to falling apart.


It will be interesting to see what happens – if the current plan goes through Joey will go home on Thursday so America’s Team will lose its first member.

The backyard FINALLY opened up late this evening as well which means sun bathing most likely tomorrow.


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