Saturday – Day 9 in Big Brother 16

Currently: Caleb is HoH. Donny and Paola are nominated. Hayden, Joey, Brittany and Cody are Have Nots. Donny won the POV Friday.

The first Saturday of the live feeds for Big Brother 16 was mostly uneventful.  We knew that Calebs target for a replacement nomination would be Joey.  Thats still the way things look as the night ends although Brittany and Joey seemed to try to lobby for Devin going up. This upset Devin who complained to anyone that would listen.

In the end it looks like Joey will be going up when the POV ceremony is held (Sunday or Monday.

On our Podcast tonight we talked about where things stood so far and played a lot of clips from the firs couple of days of the live feeds – you should check it out if you have time (warning – its an uncensored audio podcast).

I will leave you with a few screen shots of the HGs from today.

bb161323 bb161324 bb161327 bb161344 bb161331 bb161334

Want to see the live feeds for yourself? Don’t wait any longer if you have been procrastinating. Just sign up via this link or by clicking on a banner on the site. It would be greatly appreciated and you can cancel within the first two days if you are not happy.



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