Big Brother 16 Day 10 – POV Ceremony Results.

Currently: Caleb is HoH. Joey and Paola are nominated. Hayden, Joey, Brittany and Cody are Have Nots. Donny used the POV today.

3:30pm I was a bit surprised today when Big Brother held the Power of Veto meeting earlier today.  I wasn’t surprised with the outcome.  Donny saved himself as expected and Caleb put up Joey in his place so now we have Joey vs Paola and one of them will be leaving the house this Thursday.

Most seem to assume it will be Joey going home but the week is young and now we have 4 full days in which the minds of the  HGs could be changed and they might decide to send home Joey.

Of the two HGs Joey is much more interesting to me.  Some think Paola has been boring on the feeds because she has been nominated the whole time we have been watching but the entire house has commented on how Paola is no good at anything she has tried so far ans she certainly isn’t doing much socially as far as I have seen.


Joey is also the first member of Team America – and it will be awkward for the first member to be voted out on the same night we find out who the second member it.  If it does happen there is speculation online that CBS may have us vote for two members this week to get the total up to three before another member is voted out.

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