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Big Brother I

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This was the original season here in the USA and it Arnold Shapiro was not involved.  The cast was much more "REAL" but other parts of the show stunk such as the AOL lady that came on every week to give her thoughts.  Also waiting 2 weeks between evictions tended to drag things out a bit.  On the other hand I liked the fact that the audience got to vote the person out.

Big Brother Theme Song: During season one the hgs that were left were asked to write words and record the BB1 theme song (completely different from BB2 & 3).  I finally tracked down a copy of the HG's (George, Curtis, Josh, Jamie, and Eddie can be heard).  Listen (1.7 Megabyte Real Audio file)

Cast Member Updates: Ok, I am going on a fishing trip looking for info and I will post what I find here.

Listed from longest stay to shortest:

Eddie McGee:
9/30/03 - According to another site - Eddie McGee was on the season finale of "Mutant X" that aired on May 12th, on the WB.   This episode, "Lest He Become," will repeat on October 6th.

7/03 - As far as I can tell Eddie is back in NY but he also had a part in an independent movie in which he has actually been nominated for some awards (The movie "Drop Dead Roses" is still being shown at festivals).  He also appeared on a canadian show "Real Men"  Here is a link to an old clip of Eddie from Zilo.com.

Josh Souza:
Josh has his own website so just head on over there and catch up with him :)

Curtis Kin:
Curtis is still working in LA as far as I can tell :)

George Boswell:
Clip from Street Smarts (need Real Player to watch) - Monica from BB2 is in the clip as well.  Also appeared on an AMC  show titled "Project Reality People" on 6/16/2003 with Tonya from BB3.  You can read an interview with him and the shows producer at "Jokers."

Will Mega:
Running for office!!

(more to come - ran outta time today)

A few BB1 links that are still running (6/7/03):