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I Love Reality - Forever Eden


A June return?? Check the  "News" page.

Ruth England

Current Cast Pictures and Gold Coin totals (Click here for Banished Cast)

Winnings are calculated based on the next show.
Men Women
Joined: 03/01/04

Winnings: $20,000

David, 24, a student originally from Lexington, Ky., now living in Houston. 
Joined: 03/01/04

Winnings: $34,000

 Neveen, a 21-year-old DJ from Salem, Ore.
Joined: 04/02/04

Winnings: $8,000

Chris (aka 'Simon' - The "waiter"),  24, Fitness Instructor originally from Olympia WA, now living in Portland, OR
Joined: 03/01/04

Winnings: $38,000

Kassie Miller, 21, a country singer from Nashville, Tenn.   News Article
Joined: 03/02/04

Winnings: $25,000

Wallace, 28, Stockbroker.  Chicago, IL
Joined: 03/01/04

Winnings: $32,000

Brooke, a 22-year-old office manager from Mankato, Minn.
Joined: 03/01/04

Winnings: $22,000

Matt, 23, a former software salesman. Originally from Brookline, Mass., he now lives in Hoboken, N.J. 
Joined: 03/02/04

Winnings: $20,000

Elizabeth (Liz), 23, Sales Representative.  Houston TX.
Joined: 03/15/04

Winnings: $16,000

Jason, 26, Bartender.  Originally from CHicago, IL., now lives in Scottsdale, AZ
Joined: 03/22/04

Winnings: $12,000

Claudia, 21, 'Sorrority Girl,' Originally from Franklin, TN, now lives in Tempe, AZ
Joined: 03/01/04
Banished: 03/15/04
First Winnings: $5,000

Re-joined: 4/02/04
Winnings: $8,000

Banished by Shawna and Jason.  Left half his money to Wallace.
Rejoined via Chris.

Jordan, 26, waiter/screenwriter, from New York City.
Joined: 04/09/04

Winnings: $4,000

Michelle, 21, not employed, from Brooklyn, NY

Banished Cast Images and Gold Coin totals (Click here for Current Cast)
Men Women
Joined: 03/01/04
Banished: 03/02/04
Winnings: $2,000

Banished by Mary.  Left half his money to David.

 Craig, 28, a fitness model from Scottsdale. 
Joined: 03/01/04
Banished: 03/02/04
Winnings: $2,000

Banished by fate - since she banished Craig, she was banished.  Left half her money to Neveen.

Mary Chamberlain, 25, a former sports club manager. Originally from Salt Lake City, she now lives in Scottsdale, Ariz. 

Joined: 03/01/04
Banished: 03/03/04
Winnings: $14,000

Banished by Chris and Jordan.  Left half his money to Kassie.

Michael, 23, a YMCA program director from Mission, Kan.

Joined: 03/01/04
Left Show: 03/08/04
Winnings: $0

Left the show rather than agree to banish Neveen.  Gave all her money to Neveen.

 Khalilah, a 23-year-old from Boston. Khalilah is currently between jobs. 

Joined: 03/01/04
Banished 3/25/04
Winnings: $8,000

Banished by Jason.  Left half her money to Brooke

Shawna Frazier, 25, Pro cheerleader, also from Nashville.


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