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I Love Reality - Forever Eden
Click For Official Site

7/20/04 Episodes 9 & 10 are now posted as well.

7/11/04 The show is airing in Australia - they just showed Episode 8 (never aired here in the USA) - you can read a recap done by a fan of the show down under here.

6/23/04 - Here it is near the end of June and no more news on the show.  My contact says he hasn't heard anything but will let me know if/when there is any news.

5/21/04 FOX Entertainment President Gail Berman said, "'Forever Eden' we don't anticipate returning to the schedule, nor do we anticipate bringing back 'Playing it Straight.'"  Hmmmmm then why don't they remove the "Returning this June" note on the Forever Eden official page??   The only good thing Berman said was, "We will certainly provide any viewer that needs the information with the information of the conclusion (of both shows)."

5/17/04 According to this article, Forever Eden was worth about $8 million to Jamaica where it was filmed.  No new word yet on an exact return date other than June.

5/13/04 Hey hey!!! The official page says the show is "Returning this June"  - pass the word :)

Screen cap of part of the official site....

Update: I just got a bit more information from another source connected with the show that the show is indeed supposed to be returning in June

5/07/04 Still nothing - I did read a column saying the show might return in June but I suspect thats too soon.  Personally I think they would be wise to just run it like Paradise Hotel and burn off the remaining episodes by showing two a week.

4/30/04  No news - but didn't want anyone to think I was not keeping my eyes pealed :)

4/20/04 Fox announced its summer schedule and Forever Eden was not listed.  I still think that they will eventually put it on if only because they bought 25 episodes to start and have only aired 7.

4/13/04 Fox pulls Forever Eden off the air:

"FOX Dumps 'Forever Eden' Until Summer
CHICAGO (thefutoncritic.com) -- FOX will once again go back to the drawing board on Friday nights as the network revealed today it has pulled its reality series "Forever Eden" from its schedule effective immediately." Full Story
No information at this time if Fox plans on airing the remaiing 16 episodes it had purchased this summer.

4/10/04 More and more signs that the producers are converting this show to "Paradise Hotel II" - read last nights recap.

4/2/04 Episode 5 airs tonight - finally - I will recap it later tonight or Saturday.

3/31/04  Now Fox has pulled Playing it Straight from its Friday slot so Forever Eden has lost it as a lead-in.  They also announced that the Friday slot was going to be permanent (as permanent as anything is on Fox anyways).

3/29/04  A lot to report...

  • Fox has moved the show to Fridays following Playing it Straight - a very smart move in my opinion.
  • Guess who this weeks new guest is?  Simon!!  Ya know the 'waiter' - his real name is Chris and of course he knows all since he has been at the compound from the start.
  • Fox has noticed folks comparing Zack from Paradise Hotel to Jason  - they sent out these two pictures for us to compare....
Zack - Paradise Hotel
Jason - Forever Eden

3/27/04 Well the show placed 5th on Thursday in its hour - not a very encouraging sign. 

Shawna was banished Friday but apparently is not available for interviews - said the author ofthis article, "When I asked to interview Shawna yesterday, I was told she wasn't available and then reminded that there are many twists and turns on Forever Eden."  hmmmmmmmm.

3/22/04  Forever Eden Finally moves to Thursdays.  Next Show is 3/25/04.

Article About Kassie Miller  - "Imagine Deborah Miller's shock as she watched with a national television audience her daughter wake up in bed with a man she met only days before.  You can understand her nervousness each Thursday night when she flips the TV channel to Fox to watch the new reality show "Forever Eden." Her daughter, Kassie Miller, a 2000 graduate of Brewer High School, is one of 11 young contestants dropped into an exotic, tropical resort with the goal of staying as long as possible. "  (Full Text)

3/15/04 A LOT of interesting stuff in this article!!!!!  An interview with executive producer Bruce Toms.

Strangers in paradise (click for full article)

  • (The show) "turns an entire Caribbean bay - including a 300-yard stretch of beach, some jungle, about 20 beach huts and a fake Aztec temple - into its 48-acre equivalent of the Big Brother house."
  • "There's absolutely no doubt that the full $20m (million) has been spent on the show."
  • "No less than 80 robotic cameras are scattered throughout the bay to capture all the action"
  • "Aside from the scale, Toms believes that the main difference between Eden and previous reality shows is that he generates the dramatic tension through direct intervention rather than crafty editing - an accusation often levelled at Big Brother."
  • "The cast, all camera-savvy wannabe actors itching for fame, play along accordingly, even for retakes."
  • "Toms' advice to participants was: "Don't worry about being yourself - be who ever you want to be. Live out your fantasies and as long as America tunes in, you'll get paid.""

3/12/04 More videos have been added - click here to see them.

3/8/04 Casting info...... In or around LA
"Casting Directors from FOX's New Reality Show, "ForeverEden" are looking for GREAT looking guys and girl that want to leave their everyday lives for a chance to live in a tropical paradise. The longer you can stay on the island, the more money you will win!! THIS IS THE CHANCE OF A LIFETIME TO DO SOMETHING INCREDIBLE WITH YOUR LIFE.
This is an amazing opportunity to be a part of show that is breaking new ground in the reality TV world: the first open-ended unscripted reality soap opera! If you are SINGLE and OVER 18. We have all ready had open calls, but are holding more interviews and are looking for AS MANY HOT + INTERESTING PEOPLE AS POSSIBLE.
Original Post Here

3/8/04 Looks like Forever Eden is being filmed in Port Antonio, Jamaica.  "US-based Fox TV network is reportedly working with local promotions agency Jampro on the filming of a reality show series in Jamaica.  Sources close to the local film industry estimate that Fox is spending in the region of US $7 million on the project, and according to the sources the reality show is providing employment for 150 Jamaicans.Full article from the Jamaica Observer

The general location given is Port Antonio (info on Port Antonio here: all-jamaica info).

Surfing around this site (filmjamaica.com) I found this image - looks a lot like the rafts from the show.

3/7/04 Brief article about cast member Neveen (With Video)

3/5/04 Watch video clips here!!!!

3/4/04 Next episode it Monday, March 8th
Yahoo review of the 1st show.

3/2/04 Forever Eden ties for 3rd in the ratings for 9pm Monday night.  Zap2it Article.

3/1/04  A very detailed new article with a few interesting points can be foun here: "Snakes in the grass: `Forever Eden' welcomes players to reality TV paradise"

  • ``We have no idea of what is going to happen day to day,'' he said. ``We've already had major rewrites, rather like you would with any scripted dramas. We're quite open about manipulating reality. They've had to make some pretty tough choices about each other and how they feel about each other. Already there are some people who are detested and some people who are loved.''  (Executive producer Tom Gutteridge)
  • The show currently has eight people on standby. Producers visited 18 cities to find contestants.
  • No one who is married or has children is allowed to participate. 
  • The contestants are cut off from their previous lives and have no access to telephones, television, newspapers or the Internet.
Open casting notice for Forever Eden (NOTE - this is how the dates are listed - you should probably call the phone number since March 5th and 6th are a Thursday and Friday):
The Bitter End
770 Fifth Avenue
San Diego, CA 92101

500 Fourth Avenue
San Diego, CA 92101

A couple more news links:

2/29/04 Some news links that I have found:



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