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What's New??  November, 2000.  Being as I have not updated this page for over a year I thought it was time to use it  to list things I am currently interested in.  This site was originally the home for folks who visited the "YIKE's" Cu-Seeme reflector.  Since I have shut down the reflector (due to limited use), there seems little need for this site.  But I will keep the last update for anyone to view: Yike's Cu-Seeme Page.

Now that you have read all my rambling, here is the good stuff.  Here are links to pages devoted to the things I am most interested in on the net.  (I am working on the pages!!!!  Please check back for the ones that don't work yet.  Last update 12/16/00).

Cu-Seeme - Netmeeting?  baahhh!!!  ICUII??  Ick!!!!  For Video conferencing there is only one program and thats CU-Seeme!!!  Created at Cornell University and initially only for Macs, its now the best way to see and chat with large groups of people.  With the explosion of high speed home connections its better now than ever!!!

MP3's - Haven't heard of MP3's??  Napster???  Have you been living under a rock??  Seriously, MP3's are the only way to listen to or download music over the net.  With near CD quality its a great way to check out new bands or just take your favorite tunes with you with the ability to put 10 hours of music on 1 CD!!!!!!

Music -So if you already know about MP3's - why not check out some of my favorite bands?

Online Chat/Message Clients - Not interested in music or Video?&nbssp; Still want to meet some new people or just keep in touch with friends?  Check out my Chat/messenger links for information on such programs as ICQ, AOL IM, and Yahoo Messenger.

Search Engines - Both for finding information & software.  I use search engines constantly, which ones do I like best?  Are there ways to find programs even when you think they can't be found?  Check out this page!!!

Computer Virus Information - How many warnings about computer viruses do you get in a week?? I get 2 or 3 at least.  See what I know and where you can go to find out information about real and fake viruses.

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